Argon Welding Tig Torch- Model name Weldcraft A150 WP 17

Weldcraft A-150 TIG Torch Package - 150 Amp Air-Cooled WP-17 The Weldcraft A-150, WP-17 TIG torch is a 150 amp, air-cooled torch that provides a comfortable grip and better torch control in all positions. The ergonomic torch design ensures proper relationship between the TIG torch and weld joint, with maximum comfort and maneuverability. The A-150 is an excellent general purpose, air cooled TIG welding torch.
SKU: RD2001
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Maintenance and Repair 
Food and Beverage Industry 
Metal Art 
Shipboard Installation/Repair


  • Diamond Grip™ head design - ergonomic contact points for thumb and fingers. Provides a more comfortable grip and reduces operator fatigue.
  • Ribbed handle and torch design provide cool operation and maximum operator comfort while reducing downtime caused by operator fatigue.
  • Utilize existing parts - replacement parts are easy to find. The A-150 Series uses Weldcraft 10N series consumables.
  • Available with 12.5 or 25-foot single power cable assembly.


    Comes complete with:
  • A-150 Torch Body
  • Long back cap
  • Handle
  • 1-Piece Power Cable, standard rubber, 12.5 ft. (3.8 m) or 25 ft. (7.6 m)

    OPTIONAL AK2 Accessory Kit comes complete with
  • 1 short back cap
  • 3 Collets, .040, 1/16 & 3/32"
  • 3 Collet bodies, .040, 1/16 & 3/32"
  • 3 Alumina Nozzles, #4, #5, #6
  • 3 Tungsten Electrode 2% ceriated, .040, 1/16, 3/32 X 7"