Cold Clamp FRS K 34 - 35/19

features Two-screw design for optimized adaptation to tube outside diameter. Self-adhesive closure flap. Age resistant. Integrated load distribution plate.
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Product description

The fischer cold clamp FRS K for the installation of pipes in refrigeration and air conditioning. Connection nut with combination thread M8 / M10 for holding threaded rods or hanger bolts. The self-adhesive flap ensures the optimal function of the cold clamp. Age-resistant material for a consistent function. Pipe clamp screws with loss prevention. Integrated load distribution plate secures load transfer and provides higher loads.
To take advantage
  • The self-adhesive flap ensures the optimal function of the cold clamp.
  • Age-resistant material ensures a consistent function of the FRS-K.
  • The double-threaded connection nut ensures flexibility on the construction site.
  • The loss protection of the screws ensures trouble-free installation.
  • The integrated load distribution plate secures the load transfer and provides higher loads.
  • Material: rigid polyurethane foam, silicone-free
  • Diffusion resistance: 7000 μ
  • Bulk density: 80 kg / m³
  • Compressive strength: 0.67-0.75 mPa
  • Thermal conductivity (at 0 ° C):  0.024-0.026 W / mK
  • Locking screw: flat head screw with combination cross slot
  • Temperature range: -45 ° C to +105 ° C
  • Fire behavior: DIN 4102: class B2
  • Installation of pipelines in refrigeration and air conditioning
Technical specifications
nominal size1"[Inch]
connecting threadM 8 / M 10
insulation thickness19[Mm]
Width B115[Mm]
Height H97[Mm]
Height Z53[Mm]
ScrewM 6
Length of insulation material50[Mm]
Max. static load (central train)12:20[KN]
GTIN (EAN code)4048962074932

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