Coty Musk 44ml

Coty Musk Cologne By Coty for Men 44ml
4,000.00 (NGN)
Coty Musk Cologne by Coty, Coty Musk has enjoyed over three decades as the scent of the stylish everyman. Rich in the earthy, textured accords that typify the oriental woody fragrance genre, this scent has enjoyed years of success due no doubt to its endless versatility. Some might even call it the “favorite jeans” of men’s fragrances. Sharp, sparkling citrus notes lay the groundwork for this scent, melting into the signature oriental essence of warm, cozy amber. Woody notes pave the way for the eponymous notes of musk, strong, suggestive and unmistakably alluring. Simple in composition, Coty Musk nevertheless endures as the aroma of a classic man with down to earth sex appeal. This scent arrived in 1974. It's since become one of several fragrances synonymous with the brand. Coty is an American beauty products manufacturer with French roots. In addition to body, hair and cosmetic products, Coty has produced dozens of fragrances since 1904.
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