Esab Welding Machine 400 Amps Gladiator 400A

Esab Welding Machine 400 Amps Gladiator 400A We have in stock Essab Gladiator welding machine 400 amps, Gladiator 400 introduced, ESAB introduced this compact and light weight design Gladiator 400A Diesel Welding Generator suitable for easy transportation and improved remote places. This boasts 40% lower volume and 20% lower weight than conventional EDW increases mobility. The Gladiator 400 has a chopper base design using IGBT Benefits of the Esab welding machine 400 Amps, The Gladiator 400 has a chopper base design using IGBT and delivers smooth and high quality welding output with almost nil spatter. It offers a wide current range with starting current of 20 A to ensure finer control and better performance while welding root passes. A wide current range and powerful welding performance make this a versatile equipment suitable for a variety MMA electrodes: general purpose; low-hydrogen; stainless steel; cellulosic. The gladiator 400 has a controlled welding dynamics and offers excellent weld properties for all types of MMA welding applications
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Design advantages of this welding machine

Compact design advantages, 40% lower volume than conventional EDW, 20% lower weight than conventional EDW, with rugged design and improved shock absorbers for better performance in rough terrains,
  • Improvement on the shock absorber
  • Two-wheel trolley with optional upgrade to four wheel trolley
  • improved performance at higher ambient temperatures and harsh working environmental condition with good "H" class insulation
  • Versatile and excellent welding output with wide current range or 20-400A
  • suitable for welding materials thicknesses, weld positions and consumables which includes cellulosic electrodes

Applications and welding characteristics

This welding machine has a continuos usage of 5mm electrode with long lead excellent welding characteristics with almost nil splatter with IGBT based chopper design, this machine has good controls in MMA welding

  • wide range of current control 20 -400 A
  • The welding current is adjustable on the panel and remote control
  • The arc force can be controlled on the pane