GENOIL Compressor oil, mineral M 20L

- Excellent oxidation protection. - Qualitative separation of water. - Excellent compatibility with seals and paint. - Balanced combination of anti-foaming and de-aerating additives. - Maximum wear protection. - Ambient temperature -10 to +35 ° C
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Mineral compressor oil GENOIL M 20L for diesel compressors in canister 20 liters 1626226100 for normal operating conditions

To buy Genoil oil is useful when it is necessary, in particular, to carry out maintenance of compressors with the Atlas Copco screw unit installed on compressors of the CPS, XAS, XATS and other types . with diesel and electric engines.

To ensure a long and optimal operation of the compressor with maximum capacity, it is necessary to use compressor oil of the highest quality.

GENOIL M is a mineral oil of the highest quality specially designed for use in compressors with the Atlas Copco screw unit . These oils provide a high level of protection for single-stage compressors with a high level of performance in the temperature range from -10 to +35 ° C

GENOIL oils create an oil film of high strength, have a high viscosity, provide excellent protection against wear.

Careful tests and field trials have proven that GENOIL oil provides high performance in all operating conditions.

The use of GENOIL oils significantly increases reliability and reduces operating costs during the entire life of the compressor.

Specialists who work in the Atlas Copco laboratory have the exclusive competence to create the most advanced lubricants.

The original lubricants produced by Atlas Corco provide the maximum return on the compressor for several thousand hours.

Oils GENOIL meets all stringent requirements that are imposed on compressor oils for screw compressors and guarantee the reliable and smooth operation of your compressor.

Features and Benefits

- Excellent oxidation protection. 
- Qualitative separation of water. 
- Excellent compatibility with seals and paint. 
- Balanced combination of anti-foaming and de-aerating additives. 
- Maximum wear protection. 
- Ambient temperature -10 to +35 ° C