Havell MCB SP

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MCB/MCCB are single composite device, which provides protection against overload and short circuit faults. it is designed with unique mounting concept for use in domestic and commercial distribution systems at the most downstream circuit, ensuring even higher degree of protection for discriminating application. In normal use this new MCB is safe to use and without danger to user as well as to environment.

Execution: Single pole, Double pole, Three pole, Four pole, SPN,TPN

Range: 10,15,20,30,40,63,80,100,125 etc Amp

Trip Free mechanism
10KA short circuit breaking capacity for B and C
Low power consumption,thus cost effective and energy saving
Finger safe terminal IP20 degree of protection
Dual Terminal Facility
15 Plate Arc chute for effective arc quenching
silver graphite contacts for enhance life
Accessories switch
Performance and safety
Positive contact indicator
Reliability and continuity of service
Suitable for both DESB and switch board
Short Circuit breaking capacity 3KA MCB
Protection against overload and short Circuit breaking capacity 3KA