High Conductivity Copper Thunder Arrestor

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High conductivity Copper thunder protector/lighting arrester or lightning arrestor rod, which are blunt tip tapered, have a perfectly slender and attractive point. They exist in copper versions. These rods have a taper of less than 5 degree on one side for a perfect taper fit with multiple points. Besides, the have suitable threads for fixing into terminal base, flat saddle, air rod base, rod and air rod couplings.
Lightning rod with elevation rods is an economical option to suit different climatic condition.  This kind of lightning rod can be widely used in the satellite station, hub, petrochemical and other fields, including needle bar, base and connection parts.

Copper Lighting arrestor/thunder protector
High level protection
material:pure copper
high conductivity, corrosion resistance
Can be used for a long time without maintenance

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