KilMak Welding machine Fantom 165 Kilmak welder inverter

FEATURES and advantages of this welder inverter: -Provides a continuous welding operation with electrodes in diameters of 2,5mm and 3,25mm. -Iron joiners, maintenance and repair shops, plumbers, installers, provides the best coated electrode arc characteristic of the class for welders working in the outdoors. -IGBT inverter has the smallest size in the classroom with technology. -Amps from a single point adjustment allows precise adjustment of the welding amperage user. -In case of thermal overload protection with indicator light blocking of the machine exceeded or airflow prevents damage to the machine. -Integrated Hot Start feature allows easy ignition electrode is provided. Adhesion is blocked. -Electricity Saving, under load current drawn from the power supply, providing about 35% less than the conventional type of power unit. -Can be used by connecting to the electrical generator.
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TECHNICAL DETAILS of Kilmak welding machine phantom 165:

Input Voltage: 220 VAC
Ampere Range: 20 - 160
Enable stock Ratio: 115 40% 24.6 VDC Duty *, 80 to 23.2 VDC 100% Duty *
Max. Input Power: 4.97 KVA
Open Circuit Voltage: 62 VDC
Dimensions: X: 140 mm H: 240 mm Z: 290 mm
Net Weight: 4.8 Kg
Accessories: Power Supply, Power Cord 3x2,5mm 3m, 3m 16mm Electrode Clamp, Earth Clamp 2m 35mm Strap