Netgate 1100 pfSense+ Security Gateway

The Netgate® 1100 security gateway appliance with pfSense® Plus software is the ideal microdevice for the home and small office network. With a compact form factor, low power draw, and silent operation it can run completely unnoticed on a desktop or wall. Featuring a Dual-core ARM Cortex-A53 1.2 GHz CPU, (3) 1 GbE ports, and 1 GB of DDR4 RAM, the Netgate 1100 enables up to 927 Mbps routing and 607 Mbps of firewall throughput.
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The Netgate 1100 delivers a substantial improvement in pfSense Plus firewall performance relative to its highly popular predecessor, the SG-1000. Consumer and business customers will quickly appreciate this product packs a serious punch with pfSense Plus software, world-class price-performance, elegant packaging, and an unbeatable low price.

L3 Forwarding

  • IPERF3 Traffic: 927 Mbps
  • IMIX Traffic: 472 Mbps


(10k ACLs)

  • IPERF3 Traffic: 607 Mbps
  • IMIX Traffic: 191 Mbps


(AES-CBC-128 + SHA1)

  • IPERF3 Traffic: 247 Mbps
  • IMIX Traffic: 90 Mbps

Netgate 1100 performance tests conducted with pfSense Plus software version 22.01