Pipe Clamp FRS 15 - 19 M8/M10 - 100pcs packed

Features - Sound insulation insert. Two screws allow for ideal adaptation to the outer pipe diameter. Loss protection of screw. Fire protection test R120.
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fischer Pipe clamp FRS 15 - 19 M8/M10

Product Description - 

  • The fischer pipe clamp FRS 15-19 M8/M10 for 3/8" size enables simple assembly of pipelines.
  • The fire inspection report guarantees objectively tested functional safety.
  • The two screws allow for ideal adaptation to suit the outer pipe diameter.
  • Sound insulation insert ensures noise reduction and prevents corrosion.
  • Connecting nut with combination thread M8 / M10 for holding threaded rods or hanger bolts.
  • Pipe clamp screws with loss protection.
  • The fire test report guarantees independently tested functional safety.
  • The two screws allow an easy adjustment to suit the outer pipe diameter.
  • The combination connecting nut with thread M8/M10 enables optimised mounting choices.
  • The sound insulation insert offers noise protection and prevents contact corrosion.
  • The screw's safety feature ensures trouble-free installation.
  • Material: steel DC01 (material no. 1.0330) acc. to DIN EN 10130
  • Zinc plating: electro zinc-plated, 5 - 9 µm
  • Secure fixing for pipes with threaded rods or stud screws (also when there are fire protection requirements)

Technical Data

ThreadM 8 / M 10
Clamping range15 - 19[mm]
Width B59[mm]
Height H43[mm]
Width x thickness clamp band20 x 1.25[mm]
Height Z29[mm]
Locking screwM 6
Max. recom. static load (centr. tension)1.00[kN]

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