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Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 Standard Edition (64 Bit) One Server License with Unlimited User CALs. New and shrink wrapped
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SharePoint Server 2016

Organizations can deploy and manage SharePoint Server on premises. It includes all the features of SharePoint Foundation plus additional features and capabilities, such as Enterprise Content Management, business intelligence, enterprise search, personal sites, and Newsfeed.

What is SharePoint?

Organizations use SharePoint to create websites. You can use it as a secure place to store, organize, share, and access information from almost any device. All you need is a web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox.


SharePoint Server 2016 builds on the investments of previous SharePoint releases to help:
Lower IT costs with a flexible and scalable collaboration platform
Better manage risk by safeguarding your business with secure and reliable capabilities
Increase productivity through cost-effective and efficient management

Capabilities and features in SharePoint 2016
Find information about the new features and capabilities in SharePoint 2016:


SharePoint Server 2016 provides a comprehensive solution for connected information work that enables people to transform the way they work while preserving the benefits of structured processes, compliance, and existing IT investments.

SharePoint Server 2016 has been optimized for the way people work, providing people with a familiar, consistent view of information, collaboration, and process, and IT with a comprehensive, easily-managed and integrated platform to meet the needs of the business.


The design features in SharePoint 2016 offer an improved process for designing a public-facing internet site or an internal-facing intranet site with pixel-perfect branding. If you are a professional web designer who knows HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you already have the skills necessary to design a SharePoint site. The new features in a publishing site minimize the amount of SharePoint knowledge that is required to successfully design and brand a SharePoint site.

Business Connectivity Services

Business Connectivity Services offers improvements to the way that SharePoint 2016 and Office 2016 clients can access data that is stored outside of SharePoint. These improvements include support for apps in SharePoint, external list improvements to provide functional parity with other SharePoint lists, and support for OData Business Data Connectivity (BDC) connections. Visual Studio 2010 can connect to an OData endpoint through business Connectivity Services to automatically generate a BDC model for OData data sources. There is a SharePoint 2016 event listener and subscriber to receive notifications from external systems when data changes.

Business intelligence

SharePoint Server 2016 business intelligence applications and tools let you organize your vision of organizational goals, processes, and performance requirements. Create powerful data mash-ups using PowerPivot, with the ability to process billions of rows, create data models and facilitate sharing and collaboration with Excel Services. Power View provides intuitive ad-hoc reporting. With PerformancePoint Services and Dashboard Designer, along with Visio Services, create sophisticated dashboards capable of integrating reports and metrics from multiple data sources that are customizable for your audience.


The eDiscovery functionality in SharePoint 2016 provides improved ways to help protect your business. These improvements include the ability to perform eDiscovery queries across multiple SharePoint farms and Exchange servers, to preserve and export discovered content, to preserve content in-place from Exchange mailboxes and SharePoint sites while allowing users to continue working with content, and support for search and export from file shares.

Identity management

Authentication enhancements in SharePoint 2016 ease the process of using claims-based authentication. Additionally, support for server-to-server authentication and app authentication by utilizing and extending the Open Authorization 2.0 (OAuth 2.0) web authorization protocol enables new scenarios and functionality for Exchange Server 2016, Lync Server 2016, and apps in the SharePoint Store or App Catalog.

Mobile devices

SharePoint Server 2016 offers new, optimized viewing experiences across different mobile platforms. Additionally, there are several features that are available to help improve both worker productivity and usability on the device.

Records management and compliance

The records management and compliance features in SharePoint 2016 provide improved ways to help you protect your business. The records archive and in-place record retention from earlier versions of SharePoint Server are still supported, and SharePoint 2016 introduces retention policies that can be applied at the site level.


Enterprise search in SharePoint Server 2016 includes many of the capabilities of SharePoint Server 2010 and provides numerous improvements, such as in query processing and targeting of search results. Administrators can configure search to enable users to find relevant information more quickly and easily than ever before.

Social computing

The social computing and collaboration features in SharePoint 2016 offer an improved administration and user experience, in addition to new functionality for enterprise users to share and collaborate with others in their organization. The introduction of Community Sites offers a forum experience to categorize discussions around subject areas, and to connect users who have knowledge or seek knowledge about subject areas. Additionally, the new Community Portal enables a search-driven result page of communities for users to discover and explore from a link on their My Sites. Improvements to My Sites offer a more intuitive workflow for users to develop their personal profiles, store content, and keep up-to-date with activities of interest through the use of the new microblog and feeds experience.


The upgrade features in SharePoint 2016 offer several improvements, such as upgrade for service applications and site collections, and a site health checker. The database-attach method is the only supported way to upgrade databases to a new environment that is based on SharePoint 2016. In-place upgrade is not supported. Additionally, the upgrade process now separates the upgrade of software and databases from the upgrade of the SharePoint sites.

Web content management

The web content management improvements in SharePoint 2016 simplify how you design publishing sites, and enhance the authoring and publishing processes of your organization. It also contains new features that use enterprise search to surface dynamic web content on publishing sites.

What’s New in SharePoint 2016?

So what is SharePoint 2016 all about? The main driver for this release was to enable those customers who are still not in a position to move to the cloud to utilize some of the newest and coolest innovations which cloud technologies provide. This is all wrapped up with better user experiences and more people-centric compliance.

This is all enabled by massive enhancements to hybrid infrastructure in SharePoint 2016 (the connection of your on-premises SharePoint sites to SharePoint Online/Office 365).

Improved User Experience with App Launcher and UI Changes
What’s important to note about Microsoft’s recent development with Office 365 is growing focus on user experience. It’s such a massive topic at the moment for not only vendors, but also clients, who are starting to realise the huge negative impact a bad user experience can have on adoption. In line with these trends, SharePoint 2016 have made a small but crucial UI change to the SharePoint ribbon. SharePoint 2016 has now updated the ribbon from SharePoint 2013 to match the Office 365 ribbon, meaning that if users are swapping between systems, there will be a consistent experience. It seems simple and it seems obvious, but it’s a growing commitment to user experience and simplicity, something SharePoint really needs.

Improved Mobile Touch Experiences
In addition to a consistent cross-screen experiences, SharePoint Server 2016 provides the latest technologies and standards for mobile push and information synchronization. With deep investment in HTML5, SharePoint Server 2016 provides IT professionals and designers with capabilities that enable device-specific targeting of content – a really interesting feature considering targeting and personalisation are on everyone’s minds at the moment. This helps ensure that users have access to the information they need, regardless of the screen they choose to access it on. As a company who are huge ambassadors of great user experiences, we love to see this. The out of the box mobile experiences on 2016 are still quite standard, although there is a new touch friendly interface. But with some customization and thought into the design, there’s the capability to create some really compelling mobile experiences for users in 2016.

One Drive for Business Hybrid Experiences
SharePoint 2016’s Hybrid OneDrive for Business is a great feature for those who want to take baby steps to the Cloud in a considered way. OneDrive for Business is turning out to be more than just a My Site. It aims to bring users to one place to help them work with their files regardless of where they are. What you can now do on 2016 is redirect your on-premises My Sites/OneDrive host to SharePoint Online OneDrive for Business.

Another great improvement is that this is 10 x easier for the administrator to set up, it’s as easy as following a wizard. Once it’s complete, any click of the One Drive link from on-premises will direct to One Drive in the Cloud. When the redirection is complete, users may begin moving or syncing files to the Cloud for storage, right away.

Sites Hybrid Experience
Following in the consistent end user experiences trends another new feature is the hybrid SharePoint sites option. If you have your sites both on premises and online and your users follow those sites, you want to make sure that they can find both of them in one central location.

By following the new hybrid SharePoint sites wizard, you get to configure a server to server connection that allows you to join features of both environments. When your users follow SharePoint sites a link to the sites is added to their followed sites list which is available to them from the top level navigation app launcher. A simple way for users to keep the list of their favourite, most frequently accessed sites regardless of where they are hosted.

Social Experiences Haven’t Changes
In SharePoint 2016, not a huge amount has changed social-wise since SharePoint 2013 and Office 365. We think this is mainly because so much investment has gone into Yammer which is now at the heart of Office 365, whilst SharePoint Social continues to deplete. So unless you use Yammer in your solution, you won’t see many improvements.

However, there are some admin changes being done around social. By using hybrid sites features, you can provide users with a seamless experience when they use 2016 and Office 365 together. It enables you to:

  • Redirect users to their profiles in Office 365
  • Consolidate users followed sites lists in Office 365.
  • Hybrid Deployment Automation is Much Easier

In previous version of SharePoint, it has been quite an undertaking to setup a successful hybrid scenario. In 2016, as Hybrid is such a massive focus for helping move people to the Cloud, Microsoft have put huge investments into simplifying and automating hybrid installations.

The new hybrid scenario picker is designed to help you get up and running quickly. It aims to programmatically configure all of the hybrid prerequisites for you including server to server and authentication connections. Basically ensuring that the technical implementation is no longer a blocker for your organisation to utilise the cloud.

Compliance Experience
Despite this not being one of the flashy new features of 2016, it’s important for anyone who is planning to open up their environment to the cloud and want to ensure they can control the flow of data.

SharePoint 2016 brings some of the features of the Compliance Centre that are currently featured on Office 365, on premises. The In-Place Policy Hold Center and the Compliance Center allow you to build your own policies and apply them against your environment. As an example new basic policies allow you to delete data in OneDrive for Business sites after a certain amount of years for example, similarly to the retention policies.

The Biggie - Next Generation Hybrid Search
And now onto the biggest focus of SharePoint 2016, the Next Generation Hybrid Search. What is so new about it? The best advancement is that it provides a truly unified search experience across SharePoint on-premises and SharePoint Online online for your end users. This is something that is crucial to ensure you get your users on board with the hybrid implementation. In the past when a hybrid search was setup, you were able to see separated lists of results from your on premises and SharePoint online within one page. It wasn’t possible to have a neatly combined list of results. With the Next Generation Cloud hybrid Search, you can now effectively index all of your content and therefore provide one set of results with combined search relevancy ranking. A hugely improved user experience.

In 2016 there are some great developments making it even easier to set up a hybrid environment including:

  • New provisioning capabilities to help IT departments
  • Hosting service providers to maximize existing in infrastructure investments whilst exploring new services

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