Suction Machine With Catheters

Our Suction Machine With Catheters is a medical device used for extracting obstructions or bodily secretions, such as mucus or saliva from a person’s airway.The machine uses suction to pull out mucus, saliva, blood, secretions or other fluids clearing the airway for easy breathing. These machines are designed either for stationary use at home or the portable variety for a patient on the move. We have a diverse range of portable Suction Machine With Catheters which can be used in hospitals or at home. Our range of Suction Machine With Catheters is designed to carry out a wide range of suction procedures.
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Benefits of Using Suction Machine With Catheters

  • Suction Machine With Catheters are specially designed to eliminate the secretions from the upper airway, trachea, and bronchi.
  • They are flexible and smooth so that the user experiences minimum pain while insertion.
  • They are mostly radiopaque and can be detected easily through scanning machines thus enabling easy detection in the airway canal.

Components of a suction machine typically include suction pump, connection and patient tubings, disposable canister with lid, rechargeable battery, power cord and bacteria filter. Ensure you buy the right Suction Machine With Catheters for the right need.