Surface Mount Modular Fittings 300mmx1200mm Twin Watt Fluorescent

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High Frequency surface mount modular fittings easy to install fittings offers a number of benefits for both busy contractor and the discerning office user alike, It can also be used with a pendent comes complete with wire retention safety cable, bright, clean and dust free during carriage and installation.

Once in place it offers bright, glare free lighting courtesy of its brilliant aluminum lamps. This efficient combination of source and reflector offers a high light output ratio of up to 78% and more.

Supplied c/w and without Tubes
Benefits of High Frequency Fittings:
Flicker free and silent operation.
Instant’ starting.
Detects failed lamps, no more flashing on and off.
Cold starting in sub-zero temperature.
No stroboscopic effects.
20-30% saving in running costs.

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